Business Manager & Procurement

In support of the Chief Operating Officer, General Manager and the Director of Operations, the Business Manager & Procurement owns and leads all general business and procurement matters related to the Air Shuttle operation including fiscal reporting, procedures for payment of invoices, and oversees the work and scope of third party Air Shuttle vendors.
Business Manager:
Manage and develop quantitative business analysis for assigned projects
Develop and manage Activity diagrams, SWOT analysis, Change Management, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) in collaboration with client's procurement support team
Support client's procurement support team in the Supplier Report Card review
Manage the shared Air Shuttle Calendar, including the scheduling of operational meetings between the Air Shuttle and the client
Manages Air Shuttle's business licenses and permits; including the management of the required documentation, rendering of payment, and reporting
Supports Client's documentation process of actions (i.e. annual IT security review, etc.)
Support the development and implementation of the 5-year capital/expense maintenance plan
Manage and Leads all ad hoc deliverables and projects
Coordinate Intel and GMJ weekly Operations meetings
Develop and oversee annual financial budget; manage revisions to the annual budget
Perform mid-month, end of month, and end of quarter budget and spends reconciliation
Perform ad-hoc analyses of all supplier pass-through spending.
Manage daily spends (i.e. total of 80% of invoice approvals and procurement authorizations)
Administer invoice routing approver groups and overall process
Implement and oversee supplier credit applications and reconcile against business line of credit
Develop and direct content for the At Risk Performance reporting
Develop and direct content for the cost savings reporting
Develop and manage content for the diversity initiative reporting
Develop and manage content for the deliverables reporting
Execute and administer all contracts and preliminary contract negotiations
Manage contract price adjustments
Manage Supplier Business Reviews
Manage Request For Proposal (RFP) Process for any contracted services, or renewal contracts
Point of Contact for supplier service issues and manages Action Plans
Manage service schedule and schedule adjustments
Manage ad hoc service request (i.e. Client's special events, special flights, etc.)
Implement and manage an ongoing Strategic Sourcing Plan with an assessment of the plan on an annual basis
Collaborate with the client and the client's procurement support team on sourcing strategies and plan
In conjunction with the Air Shuttle Customer Service Manager
Provide oversight on construction and improvement projects at various Air Shuttle sites
Manage and implement IT projects including but not limited to data migration,
configurations and training
Coordinates customer service satisfaction programs (i.e. monthly catering meetings, annual FBO meetings, customer on-board experience)
Ground Transportation
Manage the day-to-day third party ground transportation subcontractors to ensure the timely, efficient and safe operation of ground services for the passengers travelling to/from client's campuses and designated Air Shuttle airport locations
Provide client with immediate notification in the event of any issues with client's ground transportation services concerning safety, reliability, performance, or any other concerns
Develop policies and procedures for the investigation and resolution of customer complaints with ground transportation subcontractors
Coordinate the movement of cargo/freight with appropriate subcontractors and other client business groups as required
Manage and implement all schedule changes with ground transportation subcontractors (e.g., changing to/from daylight savings time), to ensure flight and ground schedules are synchronized to meet passengers' needs
Assemble daily ground transportation reservations pulled from the client's reservation tool and ensure reporting is distributed to the ground transportation subcontractors in the unlikely event of any ground transportation issue(s)
Gather all ground transportation ridership counts from subcontractors ensuring proper accommodations have been rendered at all locations
Receive copies of the daily ground transportation reservations pulled from the intranet booking tool to the ground transportation vendor(s) to be used as backup in the event of ground vendor issues
Collect all passenger ground transportation counts from sub-contractors and other customers in the proper sizing of services at all locations

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.