Instructional Systems Specialist

The Education Office has the responsibility for planning, developing, implementing, directing, evaluating and coordinating the overall education programs at the Northern California Health Care System (NCHCS).
Primary responsibilities include all forms of educational development including administrative training programs, Continuing Medical Education (CME), academic affiliations, computer training, employee education and career development, with an integral role in facility workforce development and succession planning.
The Instructions Systems Specialist has the primary responsibility for analyzing, evaluating and designing adult educational activities.
The incumbent will work in close collaboration with NCHCS staff to develop online and in-person instructional programs and materials.
Working collaboratively, the incumbent will employ expertise in learning theory, pedagogy, and assessment to support the organizations instruction program.
The Instructional Systems Specialist will participate in the organizations instruction program.
The Instructional Systems Specialist will participate in the organizations extensive instruction program by planning, delivering and assessing employee requested instruction sessions.
The incumbent will work with colleagues in the Education Department to develop online and in=person learning materials.
The incumbent will also need to collaborate with the VA Library Network Office (LNO) in order to maintain and continually improve upon available library resources.
The incumbent will also need to work with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) in order to be able to have access to Docline and Interlibrary Loan programs managed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).
In general the incumbent will also need to participate in local, regional and national library networks and maintain good working relationships with other health care information professionals, such as Northern California / Nevada Medical Library Association (NCMLA).
Additionally, the incumbent will perform reference material technical service functions including library reference material management, cataloging/classification, acquisitions, procurement, physical processing, and accountability of materials, both in person and virtually.
This position reports directly to the Learning Resources Officer/Designated Learning Officer.
Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday; 8:
00am to 4:
00pmPosition Description Title/PD#:
Instructional Systems Specialist/11523-0Rotating Shift:
NoRequired to work Holidays and/or Weekends:
NoFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):
ExemptBargaining Unit Position:
are not authorized for this position.

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